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As long as we don’t wake up with a twisted neck, wouldn’t it be great to save a couple of hundreds of dollars by skipping hotel stays and sleeping inside our cars instead? Well, this dream has come true with the Inflatable Car Mattress. Manufactured by Eumerce, this is one inflatable car mattress that can instantly transform your car into a comfortable sleeping pad. It is specially designed to make maximum use of the legroom from your backseat.

The inflatable car air mattress is specially used inside most of car and SUV. The main purpose to provide children or passengers with a comfortable sleeping in the space especially for long distance driving, outdoor activities. The car air mattress come with the car charger pump. Inflate and deflate using the pump.

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Whether you’re camping, spending lots of time on the road, or soon-to-be-homeless, the Fuloon Inflatable Car Mattress is something that’s bound to come in handy. Weighing a mere 6.6 pounds, equipped with enough room for up to two people who don’t mind spooning, and designed to fit virtually every car with a backseat on the market, this mattress will cushion even the roughest of situations and fills typically unused space (i.e. the rear footwells) thanks to its inflatable base. Pop one in your trunk alongside the included electric pump plus a three day supply of canned beans and you’ll be ready for just about anything.

If you’re a fan of taking long road trips but don’t want to spend a fortune booking every hotel stay, then you may want to check out the inflatable car mattress. While sleeping in your car may not appeal to everyone, the ability to pull over on the side of the road and take a quick nap after driving all day is a nice luxury. Fitting in almost any car with a backseat, the mattress is available from a long list of sellers through ranging from US$30 to several hundred dollars.