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Ever since we received our Serta iSeries mattress set, my husband has been raving about how much he loves his bed! There’s pretty much not a day that goes by without him exclaiming, “Ahhh…I love my new bed.” If he could, I think he’d happily spend most of the day in bed. Sometimes he likes to just lay down on it to relax while watching TV, instead of sitting on the couch. He truly just likes our new bed and it makes him happy to have a comfortable bed after choosing hit-or-miss mattresses in the past. I asked him just why he enjoys our Serta iSeries bed so much – here’s what he had to say.

2014 iSeries Mattress Product Video

Superco - Serta iSeries Mattress Introduction

The Serta iSeries mattress line is a hybrid of gel memory foam and spring mattresses. That means you feel support from the springs in addition to the comfort and coolness of the memory foam. My husband says that since we’ve had our Serta mattress, he feels as if his body has less pain upon waking up. Of course, we can’t be sure that the mattress alone is the reason why he feels better when waking up, but he does believe it has helped.

Combining the comfort of our iSeries mattress with the support of the memory foam and springs, overall, my husband feels he sleeps better. In general, he’s waking up better rested, though there are inevitable factors that do affect this regardless of what mattress you own (like, kids waking up in the night or stress-related restlessness).