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A hospital bed mattress often uses layered foam levels at different foam densities, to reach the right combination of mattress firmness for different parts of the body--softer in some areas while firm in others. Most of our selection of hospital mattresses are latex free foam mattresses and made of Polyurethane Foam. Foam Mattresses provide consistent firmness and some have ´wings´ that help patients who are prone to rolling out of bed.

At Vitality Medical, we carry a wide range of hospital foam mattresses from different manufacturers. Some of our most popular manufacturers include:

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Home care hospital beds come in a variety of configurations, but one thing they have in common is that all require some form of support surface or hospital bed mattress. A hospital mattress, also known as a therapeutic mattress or medical mattress, must be specially designed to accommodate the person lying on it and also to be able to move with the head, foot and height adjustments of which hospital beds are capable.

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A hospital bed mattress can provide quality patient care and patient rest. Hospital foam bed mattresses provide maximum patient comfort. A foam mattress can be as simple or complex as you need. Simple hospital foam mattresses can be a good value selection. A contour foam mattress or a formed foam hospital mattress may provide the pressure relief that you need.

To facilitate a speedy recovery, you should consider the benefits offered by a hospital bed mattress. Built for durability and comfort, these mattresses are designed to conform to your individualized needs. With over 25 options under this category, you’ll definitely find the mattress that’s right for you. With reduced prices and quick delivery, you won’t find this kind of quality anywhere else.