Natural 17oz Hemp Futon Mattress Cover

PrimaSleep Classic Luxury Natural Hemp Cover 12 inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Comfort Bed Mattress (Queen)


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The Tufted Hemp Mattress from Earthsake! 100% Vegan & Pesticide-free!

That's right - a Vegan Mattress from Earthsake made without wool and using tufted hemp instead of cotton. Let one of nature’s finest fibers lull you to sleep. Hemp is naturally mold and mildew resistant which makes this mattress very popular in humid climates. The Hemp we use is pure and not treated with bleaches, dyes or other unnatural treatments. Hemp is three times stronger than cotton and twice as resistant to abrasion which makes it ideal bedding material. The inside of our Hemp mattress is layered with hemp batting and a non-toxic white powder (similar to baking soda) to make it fire retardant. That's right - it wont light up and even if it did you cant get high on hemp!

Our Hemp Mattress not only uses Hemp on the inside but on the outside too. Its hand-tufted to an outer Hemp fabric mattress cover. With 100% Hemp inside and out our fully-loaded Hemp matresses feel more dense and solid than other innerspring mattresses and are available in three firmness levels. Constructed with a heavy duty innerspring that utilizes different coil gauges to give your body the proper balance and support -Available in Firm (312 coil ct), Extra Firm (510 coil ct), and Super Firm (1,000 coil ct).

The Earthsake Hemp mattress uses only nature’s finest Hemp to bring you healthy sleep and remarkable luxury. We recommend using this mattress with its matching Hemp Boxspring - and its even better in combination with one of our

The Vegan Hemp Mattress is made with 100% pure Hemp. Its tempered steel innerspring is layered in Hemp and and treated with non-toxic white powder (similar to baking soda) required by law to make it fire safe. This is the only mattress we offer that does this because no wool can be used for a Vegan mattress. The mattress is then wrapped with 100% pure Hemp. These layers are tufted to a cover of all natural 100% Hemp fiber (unbleached, undyed). Hemp uses no pesticides, and is naturally mold and mildew resistant!

Eco+ Designer Oval Hemp Mattress from Bowers - Muddy Paws

  • The Afghani Room there is a traditional dress, authentic carpets a hemp mattress and hemp curtains.
  • The Moroccan Room has some woodcarvings, an authentic carpet, hemp curtains and hemp mattresses. 
  • The Caribbean room has a banana tree, stylized waves and butterflies painted on the walls, and hemp bed spreads. 
  • The Indian Room has a beautifully painted wall with a peacock on it, a TV with a DVD player, a couch and traditional wall hangings on hemp cloth. 
  • The Tibetan Room (the single), has a big balcony, hemp curtains and some tanka paintings.

to Vintage French Military Cot with Hemp Mattress & Cover on Etsy

Please note: The $11 "California Recycle Fee" is now required by law for each new mattress and boxspring/foundation unit sold in California. It is used to fund the Used Mattress Recycling & Recovery program. This program was designed by the State of California to keep used mattresses out of our landfills and recycled into other useful products instead. For more information visit:

The Earthsake Tufted Hemp mattress is constructed to be used with its matching Hemp boxspring and there are noticeable differences when used with any other foundation. We also highly recommend using any of our to create a firmness/softness level you most desire.

Mini Hemp Soft Mattress keeps small animals healthy, warm and active. It is designed to enable them to mimic their natural nesting behaviour in the wild. This helps to prevent animals becoming bored and lethargic. It also discourages them from chewing on cages.