Title: Hamilton Mattress (2001– )

Hamilton Mattress


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Hamilton Mattress tells the story of Sludger, an aardvark who is a natural drummer and wants the good life, including having decent trousers (he is OBSESSED with trousers!) Along comes Feldwick C. Hackenbush, a caterpillar who is obsessed with fame and fortune and sees Sludger as a potential target. Together they set off to Beak City where Sludger changes his name to Hamilton Mattress and sets out for fame... Written by

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David Thewlis ... Hamilton Mattress (voice)

Henry Goodman ... Mr. Feldwick C. Hackenbush / Septimus (voice)

Lindsay Duncan ... Beryl / Gertrude (voice)

William Hootkins ... Senor Balustrade (voice)

David Holt ... Salvatore / Tino (voice)

Roy Hudd ... Birmingham (voice)

Maxine Peake ... Lulu (voice)
Clive Hayward ... Zakko (voice)
Susan Jane Tanner ... Hannah (voice) (as Sue-Jane Tanner)
Sarah Lonton ... Mummy Meercat (voice)
Amy Lonton Rawsthorne ... Girl Meercat (voice)

Hamilton Mattress Trailer (2001) - Video Detective

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This show is excellent. David Thewlis as the voice of Hamilton Mattress was brilliant. Henry Goodman as the voice of Mr. Feldwick C. Hackenbush/Septimus was interesting. This story happens when Sluger was a Ardvark and wants Trousers and wants to be one of beautiful people in town. So a Caterpillar was up in a very interesting tree then a little later when Sluger plays the rocks like the drum the Caterpillar came down. So then he talk to the Caterpillar who he wants to be. So then they begin there journey way high up in the trees so there was a log like a seesaw. So then they where up in the clouds and then there was a city called Beak City. So in a little later the Caterpillar wants to be a different name then Sluger so there was a mattress build board on the wall so his new name is Hamilton Mattress. This show is excellent you will like this show. The story must continue so do not forgot to watch the whole thing.