People who are sensitive regarding pressure love our gel mattress.

Classic Brands 12 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen


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The MemorGel Mattress uses top quality materials to create a lavishly comfortable mattress at an affordable price—see our cool gel mattress sale!

The second memory foam layer is a 2” thick layer of 4 lb Open Cell Memory Foam. This gives you a full 5” of memory foam on your mattress! Open cell memory foam disperses heat faster than ordinary memory foam. This means that your body heat will not build up, providing you a temperature neutral sleeping surface all through the night. This second layer of memory foam adds the additional richness of memory foam and in addition this second layer of memory foam is also as cool as the cool gel mattress layer.

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Gel mattresses - cool, comfortable support for more deep sleep

I LOVE my Sensation CoolGel mattress!!! I've had it about 2 years. I am 50+ and had never had a new mattress in my life. I am so very pleased with the choice I made and wish I could buy one for every bed in the house!

Wholesale Furniture Brokers is introducing 8 products by Boyd Specialty Sleep on its US and Canadian online stores. "The eco-friendly gel mattresses are a step up from Boyd's original collection of memory foam mattresses. The gel memory foam offers a cooler sleep compared to traditional memory foam," says Matt Holmes, Wholesale Furniture Brokers' Marketing Manager. "They are also a great value since we’re including free shipping in the US and Canada."