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The founders of Nolah studied materials and approaches used for mattress manufacturing and determined the extent to which both latex and memory foam are outdated materials, entirely inferior to today's most advanced foam technology. This is a truth not largely known throughout the consumer marketplace, if at all. Being a technology-driven company, Nolah employed leading-edge tech to invent the industry’s very best all-around foam mattress. After testing hundreds of foam formulations and mattress constructions through science-backed research and development, the company launched its flagship mattress. One primary feature of this invention is that it’s fully 100% temperature neutral, since it doesn't contain heat-sensitive “Viscoelastic” chemicals as every form of memory foam does. Therefore, the Nolah AirFoam solution is certain to sleep cooler than any memory foam mattress counterpart on the market, with or without cooling gel. Performance tests with it also showed four times less peak pressure on the sleeper's hip and back areas as compared with traditional memory foam mattresses.

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YMF005 Memory  foam mattress single size 39" x79" x7.9" Plush faric
memory foam
double size 54" x79" x7.9" 570
queen size 60" x80' x7.9" 482
king size 71" x80" x7.9" 418

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While memory foam has gained notable market share in recent years, people are now seeking out solutions like those offered by Nolah because it’s not memory foam, which many consumers are having unpleasant issues with. These includes the fact that it sleeps too hot since it’s filled with Viscoelastic chemicals (found in all memory foam mattresses) and also that memory foam is prone to sagging over time. Nolah AirFoam solves both of these issues as it contains no heat-sensitive chemicals whatsoever, and it’s also far more durable than memory foam. Nolah’s mattresses lose as little as 0.03” inches over time in foam thickness as compared to even ultra-high-end memory foam, which loses 3x times that amount in thickness over time. As for standard, conventional memory foam, that thickness loss increases to a massive 26x higher rate over time. Nolah is filling the void for consumers wanting to avoid spring mattresses, but also not wanting a mattress that sleeps hot and ultimately sags to a significant extent.

Whats are The Best Memory Foam Mattress Brands
Plenty of mattress brands are available in the market. You have to pick up a right one for yourself. But sometimes it may difficult for people to choose a good mattress. We recommend some top rated memory foam mattress brands that provide well made, premium quality, longer lasting mattress. You can visit here to view . The list is shown below: