Allman Gel Foam Mattress Overlay

Drive Medical Premium Guard Gel Mattress Overlay, 3.5"x34"x76


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Typical convoluted foam mattress overlays do not provide as favorable pressure dispersion for all parts of a patient's body to prevent decubitus ulcers as does a flat foam pad. Thus, it is another present object to provide an effective engineered pad which has an essentially flat support surface.

It is a further goal to provide particular predetermined and different support for different parts of a patient's body in order to most effectively minimize or disperse pressures applied thereto. In accordance with this invention, the general mid-section of a patient's body, the scapula, the sacrum (with the patient in a supine position), and the trochanter (with the patient in a lateral position), are all provided with support geometry which is different from that provided for the head and heels of the patient. Generally, such is achieved by providing a relatively flat foam mattress overlay having a coordinated system design for optimum support of the overall body.

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    * - - GARDEN GROVE, Calif. - April 9, 2013 - -- As usual, Sterling Sleep once again came out with a new and distinguishing latex foam mattress overlay product, which is believed to be capable of replacing all other similar products of its competitor companies.

    Decubitus ulcers, also known as bed sores, are a significant concern for bed-ridden patients. The problem of prolonged pressure on natural bony projections of a patient (such as the scapula, sacrum, and trochanter) is compounded in acute care settings where the patient cannot be frequently turned or moved. It is relatively common practice in hospitals in the United States for a flexible polyurethane foam mattress overlay to be used to supplement the mattresses of acute care patients. The goal generally is to provide at least some relief from bed sores during their immobilization. Simple convoluted foam pads, readily produced with known machinery, are typical of mattress overlays in present use.