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Also added is a foam layer known as Airzone Foam which firms up your mattress and helps with the breathability of your king extra length mattress . See imagery list for visual concept.

Used in conjunction with various other quality and high resilient foam layers which makes up the rest of your king extra length mattress, not to forget the luxurious memory foam layer, a unique and plush sleeping surface is provided that’ll last you throughout the years.

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A medium-firm comfort feel is achieved through a selection of different high density foam layers. Foam encased side support or edge support as it is more commonly known, increases the sleeping surface of your king extra length mattress and provides a firmer seating area.

Sometimes individuals suffering from back pain choose extra firm mattresses for the spinal support. A number of comparative studies between soft and firm mattresses also indicate that firmer mattresses provide better quality rest for most individuals with histories of . Even individuals without back problems can experience back strain and stiffness from overly soft mattresses. Anyone looking for quality rest and pain-free mornings should consider the ultimate support extra firm mattresses provide.