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Eclipse 11 Inch Ultra-Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress w/Faux Pillowtop Design TWIN


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Only purchase an Eclipse mattress from a certified Eclipse International mattress dealer. Go to the store locator on the Eclipse International website to find a certified dealer near you.

Check the tag on the mattress. Authentic Eclipse International mattresses have a tag that says “Eclipse International mattress” on the top of it. If the mattress has that tag it is probably authentic.

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    The Eclipse International company makes a variety of different mattresses for people worldwide. The three main types of mattresses in the Eclipse International line are Contour, Conformatic and Perfection. Eclipse International mattresses come with Spiral Zone technology that reduces back pain and stiffness while increasing the quality of the sleep. You can take a few precautions to make sure your Eclipse mattress is authentic.

    Those who love their sleep will surely love Eclipse mattresses, and now you know what options you can pick from. With an Eclipse mattress in your bedroom, you are one step closer to sleep perfection.