Has anyone seen any reviews for the Dr Breus Signature Mattress???

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Did a good bit of research and spent time in mattress stores before my wife and I purchased a Dr Breus mattress few months ago, and have to the last 3 months have been the best sleep we have ever got.
We were choosing between a Tempur Pedic Cloud and the Dr Breus mattress and we tried both mattresses in 3 different stores, wanted to lie down and feel them all to ensure same fell from place to place. We finally our way to a Sleepy’s in East Hanover where Bruce helped us make our final choose on what Dr Breus bed was right for us. After a few questions from the salesman Bruce he showed us the Platinum. We both really like a soft bed, and got a great deal on the Signature Platinum. Delivery and set-up of the mattress was quick and professional. One other note, the Dr Breus first night kit was really a neat bonus that came with the mattress.

My husband and I wake up every morning with severe back pain. Dr Breus Signature Mattress
seems to be the right one for our needs, but the price is a little too steep for us. Can you suggest another bed similar or just as good. that cost less? Thanks you all of your brilliant advice.

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We bought this bed about 3 months ago. At first we loved the bed. But now it has already developed body impressions and started waking up with back and neck pain.  This was the reason we got rid of our last bed. So today we returned it and bought a tempurpedic cloud luxe. It just cost to much to develop body impressions that quickly. I would not recommend the Dr Breus Signature Mattress.

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Dr Oz’s most expensive item on the Dr Oz Hot List was the Sleepy’s Dr Breus Signature Mattress, which retails for $2249. You spend 1/3 of your time sleeping, and if you do not get a good night’s sleep, it can lead to depression, obesity and diabetes. Dr Oz said that the Dr Breus Signature line of mattresses are made from a material called tempsense that changes depending on how hot or cold you are. This sounds amazing because my husband is always hot at night, and I am always cold (except for when I have horrible hot flashes!). Sounds like this mattress is perfect!

Hi Ericam,

Unfortunately, the Dr Breus mattresses are not quite what they are promoted to be and they are certainly not what can reasonably be called a "latex mattress". Depending on the model, they contain between about 18% and 50% latex (by weight) which means that measured by layer thickness they would contain even less. I'm guessing the "baked" story is based on the fact that latex is heated in the curing process and because latex is so durable that must mean that baking makes the entire mattress durable. It's amazing the stories that some salespeople can come up with.

My personal opinion is that Dr Breus should probably stick to giving sleep advice and that the idea that a "sleep doctor" knows how to build a mattress is just part of the marketing story that justifies higher prices than the materials in the mattress would indicate they are worth. This would be something like buying a Donald Trump mattress because he must know how to build quality. Endorsements are almost always used as a justification for higher prices or to make a mattress seem better than it really is.

IBC who manufactured the mattress is now out of business (as you know) but the Dr Breus name has been purchased by Comfort Solutions which will be continuing to manufacture the lineup.

As far as Sleepy's goes ... I understand your frustration and you are in the same boat as many others who have been trapped by an exchange policy that restricts you to a selection of mattresses that doesn't include a high value choice. Like you ... I believe that there isn't a mattress in the store that I would choose to buy.

Dealing with Sleepy's can be difficult at best and they don't have a refund policy, only a one time exchange policy with fees attached (as you know) but if you ... at least they are responding to customer complaints that are listed there. The key is to be as adamant as you can be and go "up the chain" as far as you can go. Don't be shy about asking for a refund even though it is against policy. Sometimes it pays to keep going and take your issues a little further than most people would. An example of a refund success with one of their non mattress products .

As you also know ... warranties have exclusions that make most warranty claims very difficult and unlikely to succeed.

Apparently there are still some Pure Latex Bliss mattresses in their system and this may be an option worth pursuing as they at least were a high quality mattress that Sleepy's used to carry.

Good luck ... and while I wouldn't hold my breath that you will get a refund because their website clearly states that they only offer a one time exchange with fees attached ... it's certainly worth the effort to give it a try if there are no other options that make an exchange a realistic or attractive option. In the end though ... you may have to choose the best of what they have.