Deep quilted double mattress protector.

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Tesco has a sale on their single and double mattress protectors, which are reduced to £3, although I don't know what from. The king size is £11.50, so it seems a decent amount cheaper.

Double mattress protectors are there to make your bed feel just like that. Defending against little stains or accidents, they’re easy to whip off and wash – and they feel so fresh and squashy when they’ve been line-dried! They’re brilliant for putting onto an existing mattress – especially a used or rented one – to give you a feeling of cleanliness and ownership.

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The Age UK Maxi Protect Double Mattress Protector, provided by Incontinence Advisors is designed with maximum user comfort and protection in mind. The Polyurethane cover acts as a low-noise, fully waterproof shield to prevent any fluids seeping through to the mattress should any accidents occur.

A double mattress protector is ideally put on when you buy a new mattress, as you’ll get the longest life from both. You can expect Soak&Sleep double mattress protectors to carry on for years: we know they’re real investments. Every protector in our range has been carefully considered and researched, then made to last.