Custom Porta Crib Mattress Combo $259

Crib Sheets, 2 Pack Fitted Soft Jersey Cotton Sheet, Bedding with Unisex Chevron and Stars Custom Design, Fits Standard Mattress for Babies and Toddlers


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Since our apartment isn't big enough to fit a crib, we bought an antique chest (the travel trunk of one Col. H.R. Harmon, later General Harmon during WWII) to use as a coffee table/crib during the day/night respectively. We upholstered and tufted the interior with yellow satin and have ordered a custom crib mattress to put in it.

The custom porta crib mattress usually takes 7-10 business days before shipping via UPS Ground from Ohio. Please verify the brand and model of the frame. If the frame is Heirloom or home made please enter this in the field provided. Please if you have any questions.

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Custom Crib Mattress

Please call us for custom organic baby mattress sizes

Congrats on your pregnancy and for scoring a beautiful loaner cradle, Emily. There certainly are companies that make custom crib mattresses, but we don't have direct experience with them. Below are a few links to check out.

Need an odd, or hard to find sized crib mattress, for your baby crib? Our custom size crib mattress, gives you the option of getting just the size you need! Measure the exact area where the mattress would lie and then make your selection. Each crib mattress is made especially for you from high density, fire retardant foam and is covered in a tear resistant and waterproof vinyl cover. We accomodate every size and shape. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.