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Colgate Bassinet Mattress Foam Pad with Waterproof White Quilted Cover, Rectangular, 18" x 36" x 2"


Organic Bassinet Mattresses & Organic Cradle Mattresses

Please select the item that is closest to your measurements, i.e., if your mattress measurements are closest to 15″ x 30″, order the custom bassinet mattress. If it is closer to 18″ x 36″, order the custom cradle mattress.

Cradle Mattress Sizes can vary by manufacturer. Mattress Sizes can be 18 inches by 36 inches. Additional cradle dimensions can be 18 inches by 35 inches, 15 inches by 33 inches, 17 inches by 31 inches and 12 inches by 28 inches, etc., depending upon the manufacturer. These are fairly standard cradle bed measurements. Cradle Mattress depths can vary, usually 1 to three inches thick, Of course, some manufacturers may build to their own size. Extreme care must be observed with Cradle mattresses and bedding.

Cradle Mattresses - Size 18x36 - Sears

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