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The CleanRest Pro mattress encasement offers professional grade protection from stains, spills and other accidents that can permanently damage a clean fresh sleep surface. Thanks to our MicroPlush top fabric surface with MicronOne technology, you get all the benefits of waterproof protection without the hot, sticky, sweaty, noisy feel associated with other waterproof fabrics, MicronOne fabrics breathe naturally like your very own skin! And you can also sleep soundly knowing that our Zip-N-Click closure system will lock out bed bugs and prevent any issues related to long term infestation. Allergy blocking, stain fighting, bed bug stopping are three great reasons to Protect Your Sleep with CleanRest Pro products today.

WARWICK, R.I.—CleanBrands LLC, a provider of mattress, box spring and pillow encasements and protectors, announced that its CleanRest PRO Mattress Encasement product line, featuring the award-winning MicronOne fabric and Zip-N-Click closures, has been nominated for Innovative Product of the Year and promoted to Platinum status by the American Hotel Register.

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  • The cleanrest pro mattress encasement is commercial grade quality protection and the most effective way to protect from bed bug infestation
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    SkyMall Mattress Encasement Twin by SkyMall. $79.99. The average mattress will double its weight in ten years as a result of being filled with dust mites and their waste. CleanRest mattress encasements are made with doctor recommended MicronOne allergy blocking technology, which features a maximum pore size of 1 micron. Blocking all dust mites and their waste, pet dander, pollen, mold spore, and even bed bugs, Clean Rest is also water resistant, breathable, comfortable, an...

    Use the CleanRest Pro Mattress Encasement (12PROME) to enrich your sleeping routine while protecting yourself from harmful allergens, dust mites, bed bugs and micro toxins. This encasement is 100 percent waterproof and offers professional-grade protection from spills, stains and other messy mishaps that would otherwise damage your mattress. The 12PROME is designed with CleanRest's patented MicronOne® fabric technology, ensuring your sleep environment is comfortable, safe, and most importantly, healthy. In addition, this encasement comes equipped with CleanRest's trademarked Zip-N-Click® technology which provides your mattress with additional security to keep allergens, microtoxins, dust mites and bed bugs out. No need to worry about costly dry cleaner bills, this encasement is 100 percent machine washable for your convenience. This affordable mattress protector is a great solution for loved ones who suffer from allergies and asthma. Rest easy as you should, thanks to the CleanRest Pro series.