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Cervical Support Pillow - Fully adjustable, doctor recommended design - Helps reduce neck pain and improve cervical health and posture - Hypoallergenic, made from all natural materials


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Chiropractic Mattress Center may be able to treat; back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries, and auto accident injuries.

"Nine years ago when my wife was pregnant with our daughter, we asked our chiropractor what mattress he recommended" said Bruce Brown, Co-Founder of Element Mattress. "He didn't have a specific recommendation and $4500 later we still weren't in love with our "premium" mattress". A mattress recommendation is a common question for chiropractors. The Element Mattress DC-Direct program is the answer for chiropractors and their patients. "It took nine years to make this a reality, but our partnership with the TCA brings it to life."

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A chiropractor is a holistic healer that specializing in adjusting the spine. When the spine is adjusted properly it relieves pressure on the nerves running through the spine, increases blood flow to reduce blood pressure, and puts the muscles beck into alignment with the core of the body. There are a variety of benefits to chiropractic work such as better posture, reduced stress and a body that functions at 100% capacity. All of this mechanical work can go to waste without the proper sleeping system. After getting a series of adjustments you may be in the market for a chiropractor recommended mattress.

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The source you reference is Dynamic Chiropractic – A September 13, 2003 article which is over 7 years old. I commend Dr. Mark Mandell, DC, MBA for his work, which according to the article at that time he was the managing partner of Chiropractic Mattress Education a group I am admittedly unfamiliar with.
His article is half full of good shopping tips which I whole heartedly agree with. Truthfully, people are not seeking him out for his shopping tips. The fact is people are looking for the right mattress and ask their doctors/chiropractors which is best for them and what to buy. What I find so interesting is that many professionals suggest specific brands, types, or models. I can’t speak for Dr. Mandell, and he did no such thing in his article and spoke in generalities. Why? Because I believe he cannot say that any one particular mattress is going to fix back pain or back problems. My guess is that he would tell you the same thing.

2. Do some chiropractors recommend mattresses that they know nothing about?
Yes, unfortunately they do suggest mattresses to their patients that they should not.