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Bouncy Baby Pack N Play Mattress Cover - Hypoallergenic, Soft Protector with Quilted Top & 5" Fitted Elastic Skirt Band - Fits Mini, Portable & Foldable Mattresses


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To craft a Bouncy Mattress, 1 (), 2 () and 3 () is required to be made and be processed in the . Starting crafting of a Bouncy Mattress requires dragging the "Bouncy Mattress" icon into the Structure once.

- Innerspring: These bouncy mattresses provide support with the use of steel coils submerged under layers of comfort materials like latex, memory foam and pillow. Make sure to get good-quality ones as cheaper ones may not have enough cushion and you might feel the coils poking through over time.

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    The Crafting Item Bouncy Mattress is a slightly worn out mattress with wooden bed legs, being worn out presumably from baby monsters jumping on top of it.

    “Very comfortable mattress; we have not found anything about the mattress that we do not like. Comfort and support are the best things about it. Not too hard, not too soft," wrote Amazon reviewer RaiderRed.