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BedInABox Serenity Gel Memory Foam Bed Mattress (Queen)


Family sets up their new BedInABox mattress!

The first mattress the company developed remains its best-seller. The 11-inch PacBed Original is constructed of proprietary CoolRest gel-infused memory foam and retails for $849 in queen size. All BedInABox mattresses are offered in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split queen, split king and recreational vehicle queen.

Came across your review for bedinabox. It has now been a year…what do you think about your bedinabox mattress? Is it still as great as when you bought it?

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  • March 24, 2014 at 16:52

    Came across your review for bedinabox. It has now been a year…what do you think about your bedinabox mattress? Is it still as great as when you bought it?

  • BedInABox PacBed Original™ Memory Foam Mattress

    I've only had this mattress for a couple of weeks now but it seems to improve every day. I first tried a Tempurpedic from another retail supplier and was totally disgusted with the product. Not one good thing to see as it seemed that I was sleeping on a torture slab every night. After almost 4 weeks, I returned it and ordered this highly recommended Bedinabox mattress and I'm really glad I did. First I emailed BiB explaining I was a side sleeper and this was the product they recommended. It arrived in about 3 days after ordering and we slept on it the same night. NO offgassing as we were expecting. I must abmitt that my first night was only so so but each night since has been an improvement. There's something about memory foam that requires some amount of break in unlike traditional coil mattresses but after a couple of weeks now I'm really enjoying going to bed and not waking up with back ache. There is a bit of a cavity that forms and it is noticeable for the a few moments when you move but not to the point of being uncomfortable. I'm still trying to "break in" the whole bed but I'm really satisfied with my choice. It's amazing that something that arrives in a 4 ft. box could expant to a king size bed but it happens. I would recommend this one to anyone that is experiencing back pain in the mornings but give it a few days for breakin

    The BedInABox Pacdown Memory Foam Mattress is absolutely incredible - it is so comfortable! It features memory foam, which contours to you body's unique curves and shape. What you get from the Bedinabox Pacdown Mattress is a truly unique sleeping experience that has been customized just for you! This mattress is just awesome - it lets you sink in but still gives you enough support from its firmness. I find myself falling asleep a lot quicker and comfortably now with this mattress!

    This mattress is so incredibly comfortable! The memory foam is absolutely amazing!

    This mattress has just the right amount of firmness to give you back support and side support.

    This mattress has memory foam that is soft enough to let you body sink in and make its mold, but this mattress is still firm enough to give your body that necessary support.

    This Bedinabox memory foam mattress is very durable. I have not experienced any tears and whatnot so far. I have had this mattress for about 8 months now.