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twin XL, double, queen, king and California king bed mattress sizes

Most people shift their positions during sleeping at night. If the bed area is too small and cramped, it prevents them from moving liberally. There are several standard bed mattresses dimensions to choose. twin bed is 38×75 inches, double or full bed is 53×75 inches, queen 60×80 inches, California king bed is 72×84 inches, and King size is 76×80 inches. Pick one according your body size and height so you can move freely when sleeping.

You are suggested to test the bed mattresses in-store by lie down on them. Don’t be discomfited as salespeople anticipate it. Make sure you wear slack outfits and shoes that are easily to slip off. Try different position and Devote as long as you need on each mattress. The more test you do on the mattress the more likely you won’t alter your choice. Trying out the mattress in advance can help you sleep well.

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  • Twin (39×75), Twin-XL (39×80), Full (54×75), Queen (60×80), Queen Short (60×75), King (76×80), California King (72×84) mattresses
  • Custom Sizes available for RV’s or odd sized beds
  • Hide-a-bed Mattresses
  • Bunkie Boards
  • Mattress Protectors

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If you wake up tired or achy and your mattress looks saggy or lumpy, it is the time for you to buy a new mattress. Also consider to replace your old mattress if your mattress is older than five years old, you feel you can sleep better at hotels than at home and you’re over 40 years old. Follow this guide to help you purchase new bed mattresses that make you have a good night sleep.

The most standard and conventional mattress is the innerspring which is the least expensive. It comes with memory foam, which adapts to your body, is heat-sensitive and was formulated to care for astronauts for countering g-forces. There are many brands to choose. Most memory foam bed mattresses feel different and your body will take time to get used to. Consider choosing the inflatable mattress as you can set a different stiffness of the bed.