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The first thing we always tell our customers is that we need to stop the bed bug feeding cycle. If they don't eat, they won't reproduce. With that in mind, our first step is to stop the biting. All our mattress encasements, bed bug covers, box spring covers and pillow covers are CERTIFIED BED BUG PROOF. Our bed bug mattress covers and encasements are used to protect and seal off the mattress and box springs preventing bed bugs from entering or escaping the mattress.

SafeRest premium bed bug mattress covers were specifically designed for full bed bug, fluid and dust mite protection and offer an exclusive patent-pending 360° Secure Micro Zipper. SafeRest encasements have been lab tested and certified bed bug proof by Snell Scientific and are registered as a class 1 medical device with the FDA.

Bed Bug Blockade Mattress Covers in Furniture Accessories

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When bed bugs get into your mattress, they form a colony and it’s very hard to get rid of that infestation. You may spray the mattress and it will still not get rid of the eggs which will hatch and begin the infestation all over again. So the best way to fight bed bugs is to prevent them getting into your mattress altogether. For this, you will need a bed bug mattress cover. This serves as a guide how to choose bed bug mattress covers.

1- Think Comfort: Yes, you want to keep bed bugs out of your mattress but remember you also want to sleep on that same mattress so look for a bed bug mattress cover that will not compromise your sleep. For example a mattress cover made from leather may end up getting hot and sticky during hot nights which will be very uncomfortable and one that is slippery will have your sheet moving out of place and getting ruffled as you sleep. So before you choose one try and see how comfortable it will be on your bed.