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Ultimate Comfort Bamboo Mattress Cover

You can enjoy all the benefits of bamboo viscose with a bamboo memory foam mattress or just a bamboo mattress cover. Bamboo fibre feels like high quality linen, soft and luxurious. It also has natural moisture management, keeping moisture and excess heat away from your body for the most comfortable sleeping environment. Bamboo is three or four times more absorbent than high quality cotton, which makes it perfect to keep you dry on those hot humid summer nights.

For a really excellent nights’ sleep, a luxuriously soft mattress cover is a must have for both summer and winter. A bamboo mattress cover is by far the best option, because it ticks all the correct boxes from an ecological perspective as well as that of the user/consumer and ultimately, is a value for money product.

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This is my real review of Bamboo Mattress Cover

A bamboo memory foam mattress combines the comfort offered by a bamboo mattress cover with the support and adaptability of a traditional memory foam mattress. Visco-elastic foam mattresses are extremely comfortable, but in warm climates or if you have a tendency to sweat they can quickly accumulate humidity and heat under the body, and become less than comfortable. Bamboo fabric naturally pulls moisture away from the body and regulates heat, and so it compensates for this small disadvantage of the memory foam. The combination is incredibly comfortable and suitable even for humid and hot climates where people used to prefer spring mattresses as they allow for more air circulation.

While the word bamboo may bring images of straight, hard branches and uncomfortable bedding, truth is a bamboo mattress may be the most comfortable thing you have ever slept on. And it’s eco-friendly too! Bamboo is one of the easiest crops to grow and it replenishes itself fairly quickly without the need for artificial irrigation or harsh pesticides. A bamboo mattress cover is manufactured from the soft and luxurious bamboo viscose, created from bamboo fibres using a process similar to that of rayon manufacturing. The end product is luxurious and soft, and just what you need for a good night’s sleep.