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Ashley Sleep thrives on a commitment to quality, so you can count on every Ashley Sleep product to be built to last. As a major player in the sleep industry, they know the importance that your mattress plays in your overall quality of sleep and, more importantly, your quality of life. That's why each Ashley Sleep mattress must pass more than 200 quality control tests before leaving the manufacturing facility. If there is even the smallest error on an Ashley Sleep mattress, their highly trained engineers will keep it from reaching your home.

HomeStores’ “A Hope to Dream” program was created to provide mattress sets to children who don’t have access to a proper mattress to sleep on. To date, 310 participating Ashley Furniture HomeStores in North America have combined to provide about 13,000 free beds from the Ashley Sleep mattress line.

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Location: Beaumont, TX
I bought an Ashley Sleep mattress 1 month ago. It was defective. It never got the lumps out after being delivered rolled up. They took it back. They replaced it. This one sinks, cuts off my circulation, and causes my nerves to shoot off in my back and hips. I don't know what model it is. It was 600 dollars. If they don't take it back I will raise hell. It is a piece of crap and I paid cash. I didn't save up 3 years for a mattress and bedroom furniture to be stuck with crap. I do NOT recommend this product at all. Unlike a true Tempurpedic mattress, it only has a couple inches of memory foam on the top.. not all the way through. If you want a terrible night's sleep and want to feel like your body is broken the next day.. then by all means.. take your chances.
Date Purchased: 08/2012
Price Paid: $600
Recommend: No
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– Gel: It’s new, cool, and good for your health! With breakthrough technology infused into each Ashley Sleep Gel Mattress, you’ll enjoy a cooler, more supportive night’s sleep so you can fall asleep faster and wake up feeling restored and rejuvenated – ready to seize your day.

– Latex: Ashley Sleep Latex mattresses combine eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and renewable materials with a soft base and superior support. Plus, all Latex mattresses are made from a material that’s derived from the sap of plantation-grown rubber trees.