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After a great deal of research, on my wife's part, to find an organic and natural mattress without chemicals and smells which would breathe and provide support and proper airflow she came upon Arizona Premium Mattress Co.
After several phone calls with Greg, sales, and researching the answers given we then both went in and met with Ken, the owner. After a great deal of consulting and discussion of the process and the details of production and source of materials we purchased the King size Talalay, All natural latex, medium build with 3" topper. We also purchased a pillow made of the same natural product.
This mattress has provided us the best nights' sleep in i don't know how long.
The mattress supports every part of the body and just feels good. Waking up to backaches and hurt shoulders or having to roll over in the middle of the night is over. The comfort of the pillow is outstanding. II like a thicker pillow and it just hugs my head. sully supports.
WE will be buying again from Ken, Greg and the Arizona Mattress Company. They really provide customer support and knowledge of their product, industry and well exceeds customer needs. Being in a customer oriented field- this is important to me.
We have already anticipated our next purchase of a twin size all natural Talalay for our son. We will be referring our friends and family and anyone else we come into contact that is looking to get away from toxic filled, inner spring beds which we all have had and want something not only different but better in everyway and supports your overall health.
I will even go so far to say that anyone that reaches me through Yelp I will respond to and provide an update for months and years down the road as to the mattress and its condition and support
Great product, Great company, Great Sleep.
Customer for LIFE and thank you

So I thought I'd take a minute and update this review of the latex mattress we bought now that we've had it almost 6 months. Still could not be happier with this mattress. The most comfortable bed we've ever slept on, anywhere. Never hot, no "pain spots," just the right combo of firm and comfort. There are no indentations or sags anywhere on the mattress after 6 months. There has never been any odor or any kind of smell from the latex.

We loved the latex mattress so much we sent with talalay pillows as well (one by Malouf, one by LinenSpa), and it's just great.

We also made sure we bought pretty good all cotton sheets and an all cotton blanket. We've come to realize that any polyester in the bed clothes makes everything too hot as the poly doesn't breathe.

High marks for all natural latex mattress, the Arizona Mattress Company, and especially this forum.

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Hi,after a lot of research (most of it on here)
I'm getting close to calling Arizona Premium Mattress Company
My biggest concern is the 60 day exchange/return policy
I would feel better if it was 90-120 days

Thank you in advance,this site is awesome

Arizona Premium Mattress Company is an 18 year old factory direct manufacturer of high quality latex foam mattresses and ships nationwide at wholesale prices. We offer both Talalay and Dunlop processed latex mattresses including all natural designs.