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Sleep Science 13" Ara

From its triple-layered cover and the visco-elastic memory foam top layer to the cut air channels in the polyurethane base, calls its 13-inch Ara pillowtop mattress "the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud." Don't be confused by the names. Clicking on the "Ara" link on the Sleep Science site brings up the 13"Vela mattress. But comparing the description with that of the Sleep Science 13" Ara on Costco's site confirms that they are the same product.

The three-layer top of the Ara cover is made of bamboo fiber, nylon, and polyester. The top is Bamboo, the middle is nylon and the bottom is polyester. The sides of the cover are polyester micro-suede which is channel quilted to enhance air flow for coolness and freshness. Bamboo fibers are said to be hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites and microbes. In addition, bamboo fabric breathes, providing a cooling effect. This cover is certified as meeting the federal flammability standards for bedding.

The 13" Ara (Vela) from Sleep Science has 6" of memory foam in two layers. The 3" top layer is 5-lb visco-elastic comfort memory foam. The second layer is 3" of 5-lb. visco-elastic support memory foam. According to Sleep Science, this combination of two memory foams "envelops you in an unparalleled feeling of weightless sleep." The purpose of the memory foam is to relieve pressure points.

Just below the memory foam in the Sleep Science 13" Ara (Vela) is " of polyurethane which has been structured to facilitate air flow. Sleep Science calls this the "Air Comfort Layer." It is there to cool the sleepers.

The second and third layers are hemmed by the 4"x4" Wedge, Sleep Science's patented edge support system, which is to hold the memory foam in, keeping it from billowing out and flattening under the user's body weight.

The 6" base layer is firm support polyurethane foam which is "channel cut" (cut partway through on the top and bottom in a criss-cross pattern) to further cool the sleepers. The role of this base layer is to evenly support the users, keeping the memory foam from sagging. This is to promote proper spinal alignment and also to prolong the lifetime of the memory foam.

The Sleep Science 13" Ara carries a 20-year limted warranty against manufacturer defects.

The Ara mattress is the closest thing to sleeping on a cloud. Experience the ultimate in a luxuriously soft, supportive sleep environment. The 13” Ara boasts 6-5/8 inches of premium memory foam that envelops you in an unparalleled feeling of weightless sleep that is supported by our patented Wedge Edge Support System and our proprietary ‘Air Channel’ Base.

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