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A few key features of the Ozark Trail air mattress with frame is the durable, heavy duty PVC air mattress, it is highly compactable, the ease of use and its great for house quests, kids' sleepovers and camping.

Usage note: The area or guest room where you will set up this air mattress frame must be considerably longer than the space needed for your Aerobed or other brand of air mattress because the inflated mattress needs to be inserted into the fully extended bed frame and you will need room to maneuver behind the mattress. In addition, the frame is fairly heavy and bulkier than the typical air mattress; you would not want to store it on a closet shelf.

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There are many benefits to using a camping air mattress with frame when you are camping. Sleeping on the ground can be uncomfortable, and isn't really good for your back. When you aren't able to sleep comfortably, you don't rest well. If you're exhausted due to poor sleep while you are camping, you won't be able to fully enjoy your trip. Air mattresses with frames provide support for your back that is very close to the type of support you experience with a standard mattress. There's no reason for roughing it to be rough on your back.