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Foamex 2" Aerus NaturalTM Cooler Sleep, Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Ribbed Knit Terry Velour Cover - King Size by Foamex. $140.31. Memory Foam made with renewable, natural ingredients. 3 Pound Density Memory Foam. Includes natural-based ingredients. Premium Rib Knit Terry Velour Cover. Manufactured using a patented and VPFSM process that produces virtually zero emissions during the production process.. This 2" thick Aerus NaturalTM Memory Foam Mattress Topper...

Memory foam mattresses are a new and popular kind of mattress, and it is the best mattress as far as comfort is concerned. The foam was developed under the supervision of NASA. These mattresses adjust well to the body and also relieves the body of stress on the hips, shoulders and other pressure points. So if you are looking for some health advantage along with the mattress, go in for this one. The mattress returns back to its original position quickly after it is compressed, this property is called recovery. Temperpedic, which is a Swedish brand, is the best manufacturer. The other popular brands are Sealy, Serts, Aerus Memory Foam Mattress, Isoform Memory Foam Mattress, Spa Sensations Memory Foam Mattress, Bragada Memory Foam Mattress, and Select-a-Firmness Memory Foam Mattress.

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