Anyone try these 12v heated mattress pads before?

Twin, Heated Mattress Pad by Electrowarmth, Non-Fitted, Size 36 x 60, Model# T36 12V Used in Trucks, RVs, Campers


12-Volt Heating: 12-Volt Heaters & Electric Heating Blankets

I bought 2 of the last 3 30″X60″ Electro Warmth 12V heated mattress pads from that they had, as I have twin beds. Electo Warmth now only makes the 36″X60″ in 12V. I had previously wired in extra 12V outlets when I upgraded my converter to a PD-9145 model.
I tried it out last weekend in the backyard. I can definitely say that having the heat below is alot better than above (ie. electric blanket). Slept very warm and cozy, outside temps at 34F and using just a ceramic heater held the temp at 64F inside.

Rather than heating the whole van overnight, it’s cheaper and easier to just heat the bed. We bought a 12v heated mattress pad to sleep on. It works really well and doesn’t use too much power.

12-Volt Heating: 12-Volt Heaters ..

  • Sleep Warm and comfortable with a 12v heated mattress pad without idling the engine
  • Save Fuel and Engine Wear
  • Designed with plenty of heat capacity
  • Quality construction
  • Proven Durability
  • Energy Efficient
  • Heating elements imperceptible to the touch; no bulky wires
  • Consistent & even heat distribution
  • Heat helps rid dampness
  • One Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

ElectroWarmth Large 60x36 twin size bunk warmer pad is what ..

Here is a fact you might not know: 12v Heated RV Mattress and Pads are much more energy efficient than a 12v electric blanket because of the way they are used. Your covers hold in the heat that rises from below.